Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

The Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature is a forum for the top echelon of the state's campus leaders to exchange ideas, express their opinions and learn how government works.

TISL's Senate and House of Representatives, which first convened in 1966, meet in the legislative chambers of the State Capitol each November.

The judicial branch of TISL is the Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court, which presides over the Appellate Moot Court Collegiate Challenge (AMC3) at the same time the TISL legislature is meeting.

AMC3 is a moot court competition for non-law students. Colleges form teams of two to five members to prepare a brief and argue for the petitioner and respondent before the Court.

Robert Frye (UT-Chattanooga), Morgan Turner (Union) and Ryan Hoover (Union) in the House of Representatives chamber.

Producers, editors and reporters of TISL Media communicate in a variety of ways about events at TISL. Current initiatives include videos, a printed newsletter at the General Assembly, blogging and Twitter.

The Campus-Capitol Connection is a spring event that brings students to Capitol Hill when the Tennessee legislature is in session.

Student officers, selected by their peers, play a primary role in running TISL programs throughout the year.

TISL is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) educational corporation chartered by the State of Tennessee.
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