Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

New Members Are The Lifeblood
of Your Delegation

Pro-active efforts to recruit new members for your delegation will help to strengthen and perpetuate your participation in TISL.

Top 10 MajorsThis year's freshmen and sophomores will be your delegation leaders in a few years. Many established delegations give preference to underclassmen when filling openings.

This challenge is especially acute at community colleges, where the student body turns over more rapidly than at a four-year university.

Benefits of Being a Delegate

Based on surveys of previous TISL delegates, the biggest benefits of participating are:

Where to Find Delegates

You'll have to decide which ideas work best at your campus, but here are techniques other delegations have used successfully:

Graduate Students

Graduate students may participate in TISL, too. The only limit is that students in law school can't be justices, magistrates or lawyers in our judicial program.

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