Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

Awards Recognize Best Participants

Individuals, delegations and AMC3 teams are eligible to win awards that recognize outstanding achievement at the General Assembly.

The premier awards for delegations are the Best Delegation and Best New Delegation awards, each of which is selected based on a scoresheet that recognizes overall participation and success in TISL.

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The oldest and most prestigious award for individuals is the Carlisle Award, named in honor of TISL's founder, Dr. Douglas Carlisle. Ten senators and representatives each receive a Carlisle Award as a best legislator.

New in 2010 is an award for Best Senator and Best House Delegation. Each will be awarded by the the Executive Council based on the recommendation of the Speaker, Speaker Pro Tem and Chief Clerk of each house.

AMC3 -- TISL's appellate moot court program -- honors the Best Lawyer for the Petitioner, Best Lawyer for the Respondent and Best Brief.

Lobbying associations choose the Best Lobbyist.



Selected By

Carlisle Award

TISL’s oldest and most prestigious award is presented to 10 outstanding legislators.

Executive Council

Best Senator and Best House Delegation

Skill in debate, knowledge of parliamentary procedure, effectiveness in session, quality of legislation sponsored.

Executive Council based on recommendation from Speaker, Speaker Pro Tem and Chief Clerk of each house

Best Lawyer for the Petitioner and Best Lawyer for the

Knowledge of precedent cases, comprehension of issues in pending case, quality of presentation

AMC3 juries of view based on score sheets

Best AMC3 Brief

Quality of research, knowledge of the law and effectiveness of presentation

Lawyers of the Tennessee Bar Association

Best Lobbyist

Effectiveness at achieving goals in an ethical manner

Each lobbying firm will nominate one of its members for Best Lobbyist, and the lobbying corps will vote for Best Lobbyist

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