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Standing Committees Study, Improve Legislation

Every legislator serves on a standing committee, which will review and vote on bills headed to the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Standing CommitteesDelegates choose a committee assignment when they register online.

Committees are the first stop for every bill introduced at TISL. Each bill is referred to a standing committee by the Secretary of State when the bill is introduced.

For each bill, the committee first hears from the bill's sponsors. When considering legislation, committees can amend it to improve it or to reflect the opinion of the majority of the committee.

The committee reports each bill to the floor with a recommendation for passage or for defeat. Bills recommended for passage are considered by the Senate and House of Representatives before bills recommended for defeat.

TChatting1he Legislative Council appoints a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary for each committee. Any legislator is welcome to apply. Chairmen tend to be experienced delegates, but Vice Chairmen and Secretaries are often first-year delegates.

Every Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman is a member of the Late Bills Committee, which meets after adjournment on Saturday evening.

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