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ParliPro is Based on the Rank of Motions
And a Few Simple Principles

Main, Subsidiary & Privileged Motions

Consideration of a bill begins with the Main Motion -- the motion to adopt the bill.

Once the main motion is pending, another motion is in order if it outranks other pending motions.

TISL's GavelsIf, for example, a motion to amend is pending, a motion to refer to committee is in order because it outranks the motion to amend. In the same situation, a motion to postpone indefinitely is out of order because it ranks lower than the motion to amend.

Extending the above example, presume the motion to refer to committee is pending. If the motion to refer is defeated, consideration of the motion to amend resumes automatically.

It logically follows that a motion equal in rank to a pending motion is out of order because a motion must outrank other pending motions to be in order. If a motion to refer to committee is pending, another motion to refer to committee would be out of order. But the pending motion to refer to committee can be amended to change the committee.

A delegate must be recognized by the presiding officer to make one of these motions, and each of them requires a second.

Seeking Recognition
And Addressing The Body

A delegate seeks recognition by standing at his/her desk.

Upon recognition by the speaker, he/she begins by addressing the chair and then the body.

"Mister/Madam Speaker and members of the Senate/House ..."

All remarks are addressed to the presiding officer.

A delegate should not refer to another delegate personally. Instead, he/she should refer to the "Senator from Belmont" or the "Representative from Tusculum".

A motion always begins with the words "I move ..."

A delegate concludes his/her remarks with a motion or by thanking the presiding officer.

"Thank you, Mister/Madam Speaker."

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