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TISL is an exciting, fun and educational experience created by college students in 1966 to give themselves a voice in state government.

The Senate and House convene promptly at the times on the Official Schedule. Be prompt!

For four days in November, delegates from colleges across Tennessee convene in the State Capitol. They use the chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly to introduce, debate and vote on bills that could affect the future of the state and of the nation.

UTK studentsThe TISL General Assembly consists of a Senate and House of Representatives. Each school has one Senator. The House has 99 members, which are apportioned according to enrollment. Every college has at least one seat in the House, and larger colleges have more.

Final apportionment of the House depends on which schools participate. You won't know exactly how many seats you have until the General Assembly.

The presiding officer in each house is the Speaker -- Speaker of the Senate and Speaker of the House. Each Speaker is assisted by a Speaker Pro Tem. Proceedings in each house are governed by the Rules of Order. Intro to ParliPro

Each General Assembly elects officers to serve for the following year. Candidates are nominated on Friday and elected on Saturday. Elections

Every delegate is expected to write and introduce at least one bill for consideration. How to Write a Bill

The General Assembly has standing committees, which consider bills after they're introduced and before they go to the Senate and House. Each standing committee has a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary appointed by the Governor. Standing Committees

TISL is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) educational corporation chartered by the State of Tennessee.
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