Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

Regional Workshops Help You Prepare

Pre-TISL Regional Workshops give experienced delegates a chance to renew friendships and dust off their parliamentary skills. New delegates can learn about bill writing, parliamentary procedure and running for TISL office. Each workshop culminates with a mock session.

Workshops are free, and all students are invited, even if they won't be attending TISL.


The schedule for the workshops is on the General Assembly Schedule page.

Typical Agenda

  • Introduction
    • Welcoming Remarks
    • General Assembly basics (hotel, parking)
    • Overview of TISL Constitution & Legal Code
  • Break
  • Breakout Sessions 1
    • AMC3
    • Researching and Writing a Bill
  • Breakout Sessions 2
    • Lobbying
    • Committees
  • Wrapup
    • TISL Media
    • Leadership Opportunities & Elections
    • Intro to ParliPro
    • Mock Session
  • Adjourn

More Information

Questions about the workshops? Send email to StateOffice@TISLonline.org or call (615) 398-2549. This phone number will be active on the days of the workshops.


West Tennessee Workshop at Bartlett Public Library, October 19, 2008.

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Workshops Schedule

Workshops are listed in the TISL Official Calendar below.

Workshops customarily occur in October with at least one in each Grand Division of the state.

TISL Official Calendar
All times are prevailing local time

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