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February 7, 1984

A Tribute to the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature

Mr. SASSER. Mr. President, I would like to take a few minutes to acquaint my colleagues with an outstanding organization of college students in my State, the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature.

For nearly 20 years, this group has conducted an annual statewide general assembly to give representatives of Tennessee's 250,000 college students a chance to discuss State affairs and express the opinions of college students on major issues. In that time, thousand have participated in the program and have become more familiar with the operations and problems of State government.

TISL is particularly notable because it is not an arm of any college of governmental entity. It is an independent, not-for-profit corporation founded and managed by the students themselves. At each general assembly, officers are elected to administer the organization for the coming year. They have complete responsibility for the organization's financial and administrative affairs, and they manage them in a most laudable manner.

While were in recess during December, TISL completed its first statewide fund-raising campaign. Many of our State's most important businesses made substantial donations, including Hospital Corporation of America, US Bank, South Central Bell, Lillard's Pharmacy, Third National Bank and Bone and Woods, attorneys. Esquire Magazine, which is based in New York, also made a major contribution. So, Mr. President, not only are we fortunate to have an outstanding organization such as the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature, but we are fortunate to have far-sighted business leaders willing to support such a fine organization.

TISL officials have asked me to serve as honorary cochairman for the 1984 fundraising campaign, and I am looking forward to serving in this capacity.

It is important to attract this Nation's most promising young people into government, and organizations like the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature help in this regard. I look forward to helping this organization in my State, and I hope my colleagues will be support of similar organizations in their States.

U.S. Sen. Jim Sasser

TISL is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) educational corporation chartered by the State of Tennessee.
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