Legal Code of TISL

Title 1, Chapter 4

Priority Legislation

1-4-1. On or before December 20 of each year, the Executive Council shall choose 10 bills passed into law at the immediately previous TISL General Assembly to designate as Priority Legislation and commend to the Tennessee General Assembly.

1-4-2. The Priority Legislation shall be chosen after a survey of delegates to the immediate previous General Assembly that shall be conducted via an Internet-based service. The survey shall be created and administered by the Secretary of State and shall be sent to delegates no later than one week prior to the Executive Council’s scheduled meeting/conference call.

1-4-3. The Executive Council meeting/conference call shall be scheduled in accordance with the EC’s Rules of Procedure. If it’s a conference call, information shall be posted for non-EC members to listen to the call.

1-4-4. The Secretary of State shall notify the prime sponsors of each bill selected as Priority Legislation on or before December 31 of the same year.

1-4-5. On or before the annual session of the Tennessee General Assembly, the Governor of TISL shall notify the Governor of Tennessee and every Tennessee legislator of the bills that have been designated as Priority Legislation via the best means possible in his/her judgment.

1-4-6. If a piece of TISL Priority Legislation is selected by a state representative and/or senator to propose to the Tennessee General Assembly, as long as the bill reflects the essence and objective of the TISL Priority Legislation, TISL will continue to recognize the bill as TISL Priority Legislation.

© 1977 et seq. Tennessee