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To me, TISL was an
Over the past two years,
The best part of TISL
It is an incredible experience
TISL gave me a greater
TISL is the one opportunity
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TISL helps those interested in
The biggest benefit is networking

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I learned a lot about
TISL is great and I

I can honestly say that TISL was one of the defining experiences in my life. TISL provided me with skills and confidence necessary to be successful.

There is something to be gained for everyone who participates in TISL. Aside from the valuable educational aspect of the program, TISL provided me with a chance to meet many great people and form friendships which will last a lifetime.

I feel very privileged to have participated in TISL and I am eternally grateful to the individuals who make it happen.

Tommy Goering, The University of Memphis

Probably the single best thing I did last year was to go to TISL.

I used to dream of sitting in a seat of the legislature, and TISL made that dream a reality. But TISL also gave me the chance to experience a little of what state government is all about.

I took the opportunity to write my own bill, attend a committee, and take part in all the sessions. One of the greatest things I took home from TISL was the chance to work with other colleges in learning about the political process.

TISL is truly something I will never forget, and it is truly worth everyone's time to experience it.

Dale Grisso, Chattanooga State Community College

My biggest benefit from TISL was being exposed to the political process and Robert's Rules of Order. 

The best part of TISL, in my opinion, was the writing and debating of the bills. This process is essential because it forces you to network with other people and lobby to get your bill passed.

TISL has helped me during my tenure as SGA President and also as the Student Regent of the Tennessee Board of Regents; it has provided me with the knowledge and the skills to successfully fulfill my duties and responsibilities as a servant leader.

Gionni Carr, The University of Memphis

The biggest part of attending TISL is that it has enabled me to become better involved in campus activities because that's where I can leave the biggest impact right now.

Being at TISL helped me gain a better perspective into my own personal beliefs and yet still be able to understand why others believe in their own way.

I walk with more confidence and I now search for solutions to problems instead of assuming they will work themselves out.

Jeminaka Norton, Pellissippi State Community College, Knoxville

The experience of TISL is unlike anything you can ever learn in a classroom.

We spend so many hours studying and testing over this material in our schools, but  to take part in a hands-on environment is incredibly valuable as an element of education.

I feel better prepared to face future demands in a career after being a part of TISL; that is for sure.

Candace Dean, The University of Tennessee at Martin



TISL creates an environment where everyone’s intelligence, motivation, passion and inspiration converge into four days of positive action!

Karen Amundson, Cumberland University, Lebanon

My biggest benefit was that I have been able to network with so many intellectual young people, along with getting to know some very wise adults, following the TISL events.

Knowing that there are people out there who are willing to teach college students the way that some aspects of politics really work was the best part for me.

TISL has helped me quite a bit. As the new student body president of my college, I am able to network with other student governments because I met them through TISL.

Also, it has slightly brought me into the politics of the town my school is located in because the mayor's wife, Brenda Speer who is a TISL alumna, sponsored me to go to TISL last year and has helped me with several different aspects of how to get involved in the political world around us.  

Thank you all for the opportunity to be an attendee at TISL.

Simone Coleman, Martin Methodist College, Pulaski

TISL gives a unmatched opportunity for college students that are interested in government and legislation in the state of Tennessee.

I guarantee you will have fun and become friends with some of the best students from across Tennessee at TISL.

Sean Oschenbein, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville

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